Saturday, May 10, 2014

Breathe - Find your Zen

Breathe...Find your Zen


I wasn't sure I would be able to do this, but yesterday I visited the Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C. after a most disappointing visit to the capital. However, I can now say that I've been.

We started out with the outside garden and got to see this:

I breathed deeply as I listened to the water slowly caressing the rocks as it traveled through the stream and a couple of birds delightfully taking a moment to bathe in the shallows by the rocky edge. Breathing in and letting the calmness of mother nature surround me as I left the busy road behind. It was the beginning of me finding my Zen.

We slowly wondered through the outside trails enjoying the beauty that can only be found from Mother Nature. Bright splashes of color dotted both the ground and the walls while we strolled along. These beauties reminded me of my childhood and going to my grandmother's house. 
Granny had the most beautiful roses that my grandfather would plant for her to enjoy always. Breathing deeply, and finding my zen as I remembered their love and stability.

I spent a long time at the garden. Resetting my soul back to being able to stop and smell the roses and letting my eyes behold the beauty of nature.

I found my zen, and not in the 'froZEN yogurt' sign.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Vague Posting

I can,
I think I can,
I want to,
I know I need to,
I will,
Maybe tomorrow?

Art - create something beautiful

I did it. I created something beautiful today, but I confess...

I did not take any pictures. I just didn't remember until it was too late.

I started out with dark and dreary color, as I fumbled around with the beginning of it. Like eyes that don't want to open in the early morning rays of sunshine.

Then it became the perfect proportion of white and black, as I added more and more light until perfection.

The best warmth of color. Sigh...

It was encompassed in a beautiful blue circle of navy of the deepest ocean and sky blue on a cloudless spring day.

Finally, I took a deep breath and realized I could not make it anymore beautiful. I was done.

Then I drank down the manna from the gods and began my day at work. I really do love a good cup of coffee with cream. It is a work of art for all senses.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The ball I dropped

Well, one ball I've dropped is this blog. However, I did get caught up today. I've been able to keep up with my squat challenge, but I think that is due to the fact my workout buddy texts me every morning to let me know she did hers. Then I feel guilty for not doing mine, and go ahead and do them.

Another ball I've dropped, is getting my youngest pictures taken. First child, I had them done every three months until a year, then every six months until she was three. Second child, it was about every six month. Third child, as an infant, six months or was it nine, and a year...then his third year. Fourth child, ummm, no professional pictures yet, and he is 19 months. However, I did finally get his mullet cut off this past weekend.

Lastly, I've dropped the ball on getting myself back to belly dance classes. I really love going, but I haven't made it back. Sometimes, you just drop the ball on doing things for yourself when you are a parent. However, I know that I will get back there, someday.

Mondays are for b@#ching

Why can't we lock teenagers and/or siblings up in solitary confinement? I think as soon as they get to a certain age, all parents should be given a trailer to lock their children up in to separate them from members of the family. I think it would totally solve the issues of arguments with each other and with parents. We could push food through a slot in their door, and if we pad the walls... then sound shouldn't be an issue... THEN maybe, just MAYBE... I could have a half-way clean house. 

Why can't everyone in the house help clean up said house? And, when it is cleaned up, why can't they keep it that way? Why do I spend a Saturday morning cleaning up a room and by Sunday evening it is a total wreck, but NOBODY sees the need to put it back in order?

That's it, I've decided that I want the trailer for my own personal use. I will keep it clean, and if it is padded, then nobody will hear me scream. 

Cook a Thing. Do or Do Not...There is no Try

Cooking, meh... I don't mind it, especially if I can throw it in the crock pot and it is ready when I come home or with little prep. However, I would rather just bake, but apparently it is not wise to live on cookies, cake, or pie alone. As Bill Cosby said, 'it has eggs in it...eggs are good for you.'

We live on a few staples in our house: spaghetti, tacos, breakfast for dinner, crock pot fixings, frozen pizza, and if it is the weekend, then I can get hubby to grill. If I really want to admit it, many a time it's frozen chicken strips or fish sticks for the kids and a bowl of cereal for the adults.

I figure that as long as they are getting a meal, then that is better than some other people. I'm just not very imaginative when it comes to dinner. So, I DO cook, just don't expect too much from me.

Define yourself in an uncommon way

This post has sat in the draft mode since I was supposed to write it on May 2nd, not understanding how to describe myself in an uncommon way. I will go with how I introduce at the beginning of the year: 


Four kids + husband + work + activities = negative (no) sanity + negative (no) clean house

What else do you expect from a math educator?